Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lock Delay 2.1.7

Today's update addresses the following issues:

Previously, the "Lock at Boot Up" option was unreliable. Android does not always start the Lock Delay service immediately on boot up so there were cases when it would be easy to bypass the pattern lock. With this version, this should no longer happen. The lock is now engaged before the system shuts down so it will be locked on the next boot-up. Additionally, whenever the Lock Delay service is terminated, if your delayed action is the pattern lock, the pattern lock will be re-engaged. I believe these changes make more sense to keep your device secure.

Previously, if you wanted to temporarily disable the lock delay service, your only choice was to uninstall it and then re-download later. With this release though, new control has been added to allow you to disable or enable the service at will. Simply uncheck the "Lock Delay Service Status" option to disable. When you're ready to re-enable it, just check the box again.

Other changes were made to improve service control from the options activity. The "Set Pattern Unlock" option has also been updated to launch the Android system pattern wizard instead of displaying the "location & security" options panel.

Please keep the feedback coming. I do read and try to respond to each and every email.

As always, for comments, questions, suggestions or product support, please contact me through my Google Profile


  1. I actually returned the app for a refund ON 20 May - on my HTC desire I wanted it to give me only the pattern lock not the slide to unlock feature... but It would only do neither (or both).

    I think I might have just missed this update... Is that fixed now? Or on your roadmap?

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